All translations are proofread by at least two betas and corrected by a professional proofreader at no additional cost. 

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Frauke Besteman

Full time author & translator

also publishing as D.S. Wrights

About Me

I offer translations from English into German. I have been speaking and writing English for almost twenty years now. I might not be a native speaker but since I have been writing novels and stories in English for almost ten years (as D.S. Wrights), I do have the right intuition how or how to properly translate novels into German. In addition, my translations are proofread by my betas and corrected by my proofreader at no additional cost. 

I have been translation for Ulisses Spiele and myself before I started offering my services to fellow authors.

Forever After All

Forever After All

von Catharina Maura



von Yolanda Olson

Translation into German

Get your novel translated by a fellow author and her team.


0,03 €/word
  • staying close to your choice of words
  • two betareaders
  • one proofreader
  • blurb included
  • review package included
  • blogtour package included
  • Installment payment possible

+ promotional texts

49 €/ book
  • finding the right quotes from your manuscript
  • translating/ writing promotional texts

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